The Locke Street Medical Clinic has been in operation since October 1990.  It is nestled in between two hospitals in downtown Hamilton: St. Joseph's Hospital and McMaster Children’s Hospital.

The clinic was started by Dr. Snehlata Chakraburtty in October 1990.  With a background in Emergency and Internal Medicine, she began a unique environment within the clinic.  Besides providing the best patient care (who still remember her), she was instrumental in helping foreign physicians get their footing in the city of Hamilton  and helping young pre-medical minds volunteer with the physicians here to give them a unique experience that would take them to enter the world of Medicine.  

With her presence and her colleagues (Dr. Fiala, Dr. McKinley, Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Lenart), this clinic has seen some of the brightest minds that have etched history and has kept us as one of the oldest and reputable clinics in the city of Hamilton.


Dr. Chakraburtty, continued the clinic until 1999 at which point she handed it over to her daughter, Meenakshi.

                                                         Retired, Dr. Chakraburtty is now an author of over 20 books.  Her work and life as a physician and philanthropist, have given her a vast  knowledge to write on spiritual matters and art of meditation that help in day to day living. 

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In 1999, Meenakshi became the owner and manager of the Locke Street Medical Clinic

Her university education and on-road past Paramedic work contributes to her expertise in managing the Clinic.  She continues the clinic as a family business.

Her goal: "look after each individual that walks into the clinic, with their issues as the focus. No problem is too big or too small from a patient's perspective, and we strive to meet every patient's needs from start to finish."

Customer Testimonials

Such an amazing experience today. The staff are just fantastic and very knowledgeable. I'll be bringing in coffee as the help I received today was above and beyond. Thanks again

Mauricio C Kelly